no stress question 300x210 What is your favorite stress reliever?“I cannot have another stressful day next week. My schedule is already full!” – A woman I accidentally overheard talking to a friend.

Let’s face it! She is right! We do not have time for stress, anxiety and busywork. We are too busy already having to deal with all the work projects, important meetings, constant phone calls, and “urgent” emails. And when we finally get home, there is just enough time to do the grocery shopping, cooking, doing homework with our kids and maybe if we are lucky watching a little bit of TV.

It is easy to get carried away by an ambitious desire to “get IT done today!” (IT stands for “Infinite Task list”)

I have noticed that as soon as I get hit with an over-achiever adrenaline rush, I start to use the phrase “I have no time for it!” more than it is really needed! This is how I know that it is time to slow down and relax.

Do you often feel stressed out or overwhelmed at work or at home? What do you do to relax and cope with a busy life when pressure builds up? Do you take a hot bath? Or go for a walk? Or do you hit straight for the fridge to melt your stress with chocolate-chip ice-cream?

What is it that helps you to respond with calmness and confidence to most life situations, instead of reacting with agitation and fear?

Share your favorite stress reliever(s) in the comment section below!

 What is your favorite stress reliever?

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