long term goal question 300x197 What Is your Current BIG Goal?When we are young and have big ambitions and a lot of enthusiasm, we often dream about making tons of money, earning high social status and everyone’s admiration, being with an attractive and fun person, or doing hundreds of crazy things (like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, travelling around the world, solving the world hunger problem).
However, the older we get, the more our dreams and priorities change.
I know that older people (my grandparents included) are usually preoccupied about staying in good health, value companionship and family more than anything else and strive to stay independent.
Our goals made when we were young may sometimes prevent us from achieving goals that we have later in life. Hard work, stress, and long hours spent in front of the computer may negatively affect our health. Maintaining a life of high status and “keeping up appearances” may prevent us from saving money for our retirement. Desire to have a highly successful career can cause our personal life to suffer.
How to choose the right long-term goal that you will not regret achieving? And is it even necessary to set goals?
What is your current BIG goal? Do you believe that after spending decades striving for it, your “future self” will be able to appreciate it?

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 What Is your Current BIG Goal?

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