favorite movie 300x184 What Are Your 5 Most Favorite Movies?My best friend and I have a great tradition – every once in a while we get together and cook something exotic (ok, I confess, she does most of the cooking and I do basic work like peeling, cutting, and adding condiments). And then after we are done, we take our delicious gourmet dishes and start watching our favorite movies. Yesterday saw “Gone with the Wind” with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. Even though I have seen this movie at least 20 times, I still enjoy it tremendously.

There are some movies that do not get old or boring no matter how many times you see them. I am sure that you too have a list of your favorite movies. What are they?

If you had to go and live on an uninhabited island what would be the 5 movies that you would take with you?

Let’s make a list of the all-time best movies! I am looking forward to reading your comments. And I am sure that the rest of the readers will find them helpful too.

 What Are Your 5 Most Favorite Movies?

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