Happy couple relationships question 300x182 What Are The Main Components Of a Successful Relationship?About two weeks ago I accidentally stumbled across one of the greatest manuscripts in Buddhist history called “Letter to a Friend”. It was written by the Indian Buddhist master Nagarjuna (1st – 2nd century A.D.) as a letter of advice to his childhood friend Gautamiputra, who later became a king.

Despite its short length (only 123 verses), it covers a variety of topics: one of them – the main qualities that a person should seek in their life partner (as well as to try to cultivate  them self) in order to create strong happy relationships. These qualities are honesty, trust, desire to take care of another person and patience.

Have you noticed that “love” and “physical attraction” are not even on the list? Nagarjuna considered love, passion and physical beauty as a passing phase and, therefore, believed that they are a shaky base for long-lasting relationships.

What do you think?

What in your opinion are the main components of a strong successful relationship? What qualities are you looking for in your partner?

Share your comments below!

It would be interesting to discover how much our perception of successful relationships and a strong happy family has changed since Nagarjuna wrote his letter.

 What Are The Main Components Of a Successful Relationship?

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