This is one in a series of interviews of self help experts and bloggers in the Tips from Masters series.
pic.php  Tips from Masters: Donald Latumahina of Life Optimizer on staying focused with ultradian sprintDonald Latumahina writes about personal growth and effectiveness at Life Optimizer. His mission is helping people live life to the fullest. Donald shares a great technique on staying focused with ultradian sprint. Enjoy!
1. How did you find your passion? What do you think is the best way to find it?
I found my passions by following my curiosity and exploring many different things. Over time, a pattern emerged that showed certain things I consistently do and enjoy. I then realized that these are my passions and I started to take them seriously.
From that experience, I think the best way to find your passions is to explore many different things and see what stick. Those that you consistently enjoy are your passions. Having a curious mind is helpful here because it makes you interested in many more things and hence explore more diverse fields.
2. How do you go from goal setting to implementation? How do you make sure that you take constant action toward your goals?
First of all, I make sure that I only set goals that matter to me. This way I can be sure that I have the necessary motivation to reach them.
Then I just plan the necessary steps to reach the goals, do them, and adjust them along the way. The motivation part is key because it makes the rest much easier.
3. How do you stay focused? How do you keep distractions at bay?
For my life as a whole, I have a short mission statement that I always keep in mind. This statement states my life purpose and helps me stay on track.
For my day-to-day work, I stay focused by doing the so-called ultradian sprint. Here I do intense work for certain period of time and then take a true break before repeating the cycle. Since this is a “sprint”, there is a sense of urgency. The sense of urgency helps me focus on the task at hand and prevents me from being distracted.
If you want to learn more from Donald, visit his blog, Life Optimizer, or follow him on Twitter @lifeoptimizer.

 Tips from Masters: Donald Latumahina of Life Optimizer on staying focused with ultradian sprint

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