I’m a little disturbed with much of the social commentary around money of late.Europe, Jeb Bush and Michael Moore are all attacking capitalism, CNBC’s American Greed is in its fourth season and the infamous movie Wall Streethas its sequel debut next month. The subtext in all this is money is bad… even evil.

Let’s remember the full text: For the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10)—not money itself.

People (certain few) are the evil ones. Remember, money is nothing but dirty pieces of paper with dead presidents on them. People are the ones who attach emotions, feelings and perplexing behaviors to it.

I have found that money only makes us more of whom we already were, but couldn’t afford to exercise. If you are caring, generous and compassionate, with money now you can do great works. If you are jerk, more money will only make you a more obnoxious, loud and glitzy jerk. Yet, people will point to the money as his source of evil. Not so. Money only funded a spotlight and megaphone for his true nature to shine.

Let’s put accountability back where it belongs—not the system of capitalism, the pursuit of the “American Dream” or with money itself, but with the people who abuse the system and the illicit and criminal pursuit and use of money.Instead, I’m more inclined to believe: the root of all evil is… CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF POST

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