The 4U2Support Mission Statement is Simple:

* Create a steady stream of Income $$$ for participating nonprofits, while providing valuable goods, services, and potential income to its members, supporters, friends, and family.

* Four easy steps to creating an income stream for a favorite charity, nonprofit & even supporters. After a Nonprofit signs up, 4U2Support works like this:

1. Supporters review and signup for FREE programs or services that interest them. (NO signup cost or monthly membership fees. NO obligations for these quality Programs).

2. Supporters may also choose to share the good news with family, friends, and others.

3. Supporters and friends take advantage of the exceptional cost saving opportunities and services.

4. It’s a Win Win. Nonprofits have a potential stream new Income. Supporters receive exceptional savings & possible earnings

Check out the 4U2Support program today at:

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