There seem to be lots of people who will charge for this knowledge, but there have to be some good free sources out there for identifying profitable niche markets for blogs/websites/forums. What are the best ones? What’s a good place to start?

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What is the role of the niche market in today's economy?

-how does it impact the economy?
-what are some trends in retailing that focus on niche markets?
-is there such thing as a niche marketer?

help i can’t find anything on the internet!

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How can I step by step find profitable niche markets?

lol….i guess you can say that learned backwards in this endevor because i understand the math behind the process but i just don’t get the tip of the ice berg. How can I find profitable niche markets..more than one so to speak? My interest don’t pay well.

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I want to make money online in different profitable niche market. I heard Micro Niche Finder is a good tool to use to identify longtail keywords for profitable micro niche markets. Where can I find some one to teach me how to use Micro Niche Finder if I buy it?

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What are some good niche markets?

We have been doing online marketing for "real estate" clients over the past 4 years. I would like to branch off into other niche markets. Anyone have any suggestions as to what markets would be good to consider? Or maybe an exhaustive list of niche markets to explore?

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Successful Niche Marketing?

How do I go about identifying profitable niches in Internet Marketing?

We all know some of the popular niches like golf and fly fishing. But these categories are too competitive with incumbents who have already paved the way into the market place.

I realized that it may not be that simple to just get into the common niche markets like this and be successful.

The hurdles are also stacked against you in terms of bidding for PPC adwords (going to be costly) and even if you were to do JVs, I believe these relevant JV partners would already have been approached by earlier incumbents.

Finally, the crux of the matter is also the lack of a frim understanding for most people in terms of the kind of tools that one can use to scan the market place for niche keywords which leads to an understanding of the types of market demand in question.The keyword results is based on what base keyword you type in and hence limited to that one category of choice for eg golf.

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What are the top niche markets for affiliate marketers?

I’m new to affiliate marketing, I am still in the research phase. I was wondering which niche markets are highly profitable and converts well.
Try to give specific examples ie. LCD TV’s.

Thank you.

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Niche marketing?

I’m planning on writing an eBook, and I’ve been doing some keyword research into a specific niche, and I’ve found several keywords with a KEI over 100. But when I type these keywords into Google, I can’t seem to find anyone that is paying for advertisement. Is this normal with a super targeted niche? Or is it just a sign that there is really no market for this niche? A few things I’ve found:

1. There are several thousand people using these keywords.
2. There is quite a bit of free information on the subject, but this is common in most niche markets.
3. There have been several physical books written on the subject.

Anyone think they can give me some advice here?

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