Ego Over Purpose Spells Trouble!

Why I Walked Away!

By Alan Noble

I love the Network Marketing industry. It’s been very good to me. But that doesn’t mean I love everything about it. I ended up walking away from this great industry for 2 very simple reasons.

1. The industry became saturated in mediocre same old same old products. You have to wade through the masses of me-too products to try to find something worth marketing. But that is not what this blog is about.
2. The owners. The Ethos. That was the second one. Company ownership who were motivated by nothing more than lining their own pockets…anyway…anyhow!  Short sighted greed.  Slashing incomes from hard working distributors.  Inserting family members  into the tree for maximum gain. Bribing “master” distributors to join, terminating others at a whim! This my friends is an E under P company. And our industry is now full of them!

Watch the video below and you will fully understand E versus P. But before you do, you should know who is presenting. His name is Tyler Norton. He sits on the board of a company called ASEA. He is the son of the founder and CEO, Verdis Norton. What he is explaining will send a shiver up your spine if you have ever been associated with an E over P company in the past. It should also make your Network Marketing soul yearn for an E under P company.

A company driven by purpose and meaning, by principles and a real passion to make a difference in the world. That company is ASEA, and the product…well…it just happens to be the greatest breakthrough our industry has ever seen. Period!



To Learn More about the ASEA Breakthrough and how it can impact and transform your life with an athletic edge of greater endurance: Click Here

Although I did not know a great deal about Linkedin when I was first invited to sign up about a year ago, I can only tell you that as a professional marketer in training, I am delighted and inspired to network with other professionals.  As a young musician, my late Uncle Irv advised me to always play with musicians who are better than me.  In much the same way, hanging out with the pros and those in the know at Linkedin  are exactly what the doctor ordered.

If Golf is your game, do everything in your power to play a round or two with the best at your favorite country club.  Or better still, position yourself with colleagues who will invite you to their favorite country club even if you cannot afford to frequent that club due to financial constrictions.  It is all in the company you keep that can have everything to do with making you a better person, better networker and be on top of your game and before you know it, you too will be in a better position to join more exclusive clubs and will be sought out by others.

I know from experience.  With just a limited knowledge of sound recording, once I decided that I wanted to do professional recordings, I hooked up with the best of the best in my immediate network which included musicians and studio trained musicians from the Berkley College of Music in Boston and a producer who was able to get me into one of the best recording studios in Boston with their affiliate Studio based out of New York.  And by engaging in this process, I learned everything from laying quality tracks, music sequencing, bringing in some of the best musicians to play on my projects, and overseeing the entire manufacturing and marketing process from A to Z.  That is the power of hanging out and learning from the best of the best.

If you have not already done so, I would like to encourage you to join Linkedin today without delay.  To assist you in going about doing this the right way, use this video as your first stepping stone to realizing your personal and professional success with the aid of Linkedin with its millions of pros who are the best in their respective field.

To your ongoing success and always be sure to celebrate today and every day with an attitude of gratitude!  Michael Barrett

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ASEA Review in the July Issue of Road Bike Action


A Reveiw

Have you seen the latest edition of Road Bike Action magazine?

Technical editor Richard Cunningham has been putting ASEA through the paces for about 90 days, and his article in the July issue of Road Bike Action gives a glowing endorsement of our product’s effectiveness in aiding in athletic endurance, performance, and recovery.

Some excerpts:

“ASEA…discovered that athletes, on average, could push 10 percent longer at their maximum thresholds with high results in the 30-percent range and lows around 7 percent. After testing the stuff for three months, I’d have to agree with them. We could pedal harder longer and recover from repeated, 100-percent efforts in ridiculously short intervals.”

“ASEA quietly powers up the muscles, dramatically reducing recovery times after over-the-top efforts, and it enables you to push precariously close to the anaerobic threshold for prolonged periods of time…. Typically, ASEA users can go hard over and over again and count on a full recovery within a few minutes. I addition, it is possible to push harder on the pedals for extended periods without going anaerobic.”

“Most people simply feel fresher and more energetic when using the stuff. Residual muscle pain and soreness is considerably reduced during a hard ride, so it encourages riders to push even harder.”

“Hi-Torque has a long-standing policy of not recommending any supplement or drug for cycling, partly for liability reasons, and also because we lack the resources to do double-blind scientific evaluations of every compound that claims to enhance performance. We can say, however, that our three-month trial use of ASEA substantiated Dr. Samuelson’s laboratory results.”

Click here to read the entire article.

The word is spreading. ASEA offers substantial advantages to athletes, and now more and more people are hearing about it. There’s a buzz out there in the athletic community, an excitement that cannot be stopped. The secret is out: ASEA provides profound results in performance, endurance, and recovery.

This is great publicity for ASEA! A credible, professional magazine editor performed his own tests on our product, and found fantastic results!

So use this article and the quotes you find here to get the word out! ASEA has a profound effect on the human body, and now athletes everywhere are learning that! 

To Learn more about this Molecular Breakthrough Click Here

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Is Your Product King?

asea product is king

Have you noticed how many Network Marketers barely even talk about their product anymore?

They spend more time chasing personalities or comp plans than getting excited about the actual product they are marketing.

Has the world gone crazy?

I find it comical when I get a call from a so called professional networker and they spend more time telling me about some “personality” that is involved with their company than anything about the product. Why?

It’s even more unfortunate to have to listen to the poor old souls who actually believe they will “get paid on everyone” in some one legged comp plan that is nothing more than smoke and mirrors for a global bonus pool. No mention of the product. Why?

Has the wonderful industry of Network Marketing got so lost that networkers aren’t even talking about their products anymore? Why?

The answer is simple. Our industry is saturated with a ton of mediocre, average, same old same old product. Sometimes even good products…however the exceptional products are few and far between. Without an exceptional product most networkers get embarrassed to focus on their product so they try to create a buzz around a personality or comp plan. The only problem is… drum roll please….we get paid to move product! Product. Product. Product. The cold hard truth of it is this …if your product is not king, then you are in nothing more than a money game!

ASEA is quite possibly the strongest stand-alone product our industry has ever seen: A true category creator without copy cats or competition. ASEA represents a new frontier of science and is having an astonishing impact on people’s health and athletic performance. In ASEA the product is king!

We like it that way. What about you? ~Alan Noble-StartSerious Team

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HubzeCard – An Elegant Organization Gone Viral?

Welcome to the Hubze Generation


Hubze is an all new Elegant Organization that allows you to assemble all of your social site links be it: Twitter, Facebook, Direct Matches, Linkedin, BetterNetworker, Myspace, Sokule etc. and post to all of them at the push of a button from one single platform. The Hubze MeCard is and will always be a free service for all who sign up. You can Sign Up for your FREE Hubze MeCard by Clicking Here.

Whether we are engaged in Network Marketing, Direct Sales or Affiliate Marketing, we all need a network to communicate and interact with. Today the name of the game is to Brand Yourself. We have all heard it said that when someone decides to join you in your respective business opportunity or service, they are Joining YOU – Not Your Business!

This is why this phenomenon is called Attraction Marketing, most recently brought to light, and sphere headed by Internet Marketer Mike Dillard who is the well known author of: “Magnetic Sponsoring.” You attract other people to yourself, before you can successfully recruit them into your particular organization or sign them up for a service or product that you are offering; they ultimately want to know Who You Are. And if they are drawn to you, and you have something of value to offer them, then they are more likely to join you in your MLM or Business Enterprise. This is how we Attract Success, a concept that was brilliantly developed and purported by the late Jim Rhon, known for his legendary interpersonal business and marketing concepts.

Successful Marketers often employ a marketing strategy called ‘Funnel Marketing’ which is one of the most effective ways to expose people to a product or service that we are promoting. Everyone “Loves to Buy,” but no one “Likes to Be Sold To….”

The Key Components of the Funnel Marketing Formula are:






The formula goes something like this. Generate Traffic to your Landing Page, where potential prospects can opt in so you can Capture their name and email. This is best accomplished by engaging a visitor who comes to your site by introducing them to your self via written copy, a short video or audio presentation. And always be sure to have a photo or two of you and your family – even if you think you only have a face for Radio. In doing so, you begin to develop a Rapport which is an essential element in a well developed marketing funnel strategy that will result in putting your prospect in front of your Proposal and invite them to take action. …So simple, a Farangi can do it?

There are a variety of well established Online Marketing Funnel Systems presently available to assist us in accomplishing this goal. And in the not-so-distant-future, the Hubze Platform is going to enable the user to integrate several marketing tools like: Auto Responders, Lead Capture pages, Monetized Blog Development, and Training from some of the leading Internet Marketers who have already come on board because they know that “We Are” the Hubze Generation!

And what could be better than to have all of these marketing tools on one single platform. In many respects, the Hubze Platform is being modeled after the Smart Integration of Apple with it’s Flagship Technology manifested in the iphone, with the ability to communicate with your computer many thousands of miles away. The Hubze Platform could very well be the Proto type and Category Creator – Made and developed in the Image and Likeness of Apple Mastermind Technologies and may give rise to Social Site Web 3.0+ It is no wonder that Hubze is giving away a FREE iPad for the person who creates the best video to promote Hubze. So where is the Real Video Boss – Andy Jenkins when we really need him.

To learn more about Hubze Integrated Strategies, head over to: And if you like what you see, and it feels right, come back to this page and sign up for your FREE Hubze MeCard. Or Click Here to Sign up for FREE before you leave, and be sure to invite all of your friends, business associates and team members when Hubze sends you your very own sign up link. This is going to be huge because Hubze is All about You and will give you all the marketing training tools you will ever need to be successful in establishing your very own network of friends and business associates.

As it continues to go viral, with 10,000 sign ups in the first 21 days, Hubze is destined to hit 1 – 2 million users within the first few months of its official launch. So keep your eyes, ears and virtual hearts open, attentive and alert to one of technologies best friends as it takes the internet by storm while making a landmark contribution to the Universe and finds itself on the cover of the pilot edition of “Better Internet and Virtual Living” magazine! LOL

Author’s Resource Box. Michael Barrett is a published composer, sit down comedian, producer, entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Global Mastermind Edge and is an internet marketer. To learn more about Michael and the “Color of Up,” visit his site at:

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Hubze Training Recorded Webinar- View Now!

Hubze Training Webinar from Mike Healy on Vimeo.

Not signed up yet for a FREE hubze card ? Click on the image below.










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– An Integrated Marketing Success Strategy for Affiliate & Network Marketing Programs

by Michael Barrett

As a fellow entrepreneur, I am inclined to believe that New Comers to Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or Marketing Online in general do not initially comprehend the need for ‘Personal Development’ or ‘Prosperity Consciousness’ as an obvious prerequisite for success. This may be a result of not being exposed, as a business owner, to marketing and direct sales. As is often the case, many of us have not been exposed to wealth building strategies or an entrepreneurial mindset that is rooted in success or financial achievement. Often times books, CDs, DVDs, etc. are recommended by team leaders who want to facilitate a success strategy to pave the way for a win-win situation and mindset for all to ensure total success. Who among new comers to MLM, have not been encouraged to read: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, or who has not been prompted to read at least once or several times, Napoleon Hill’s Classic: “Think and Grow Rich” or “The Science of Getting Rich” and other classics for achieving success in establishing a Mastermind Culture.

These recommendations generally come when a person has joined an MLM which is most admirable and truly a source of inspiration and encouragement when one is just getting started. I know that this was the case when I first got started with Xango four years ago. In fact they had a great monthly mailing of very helpful CD’s on leadership and business development training. I still wonder if companies like “Your Success Institute,” in addition to implementing its present MLM compensation plan, might consider offering Personal Development materials for a flat monthly fee of $15-$25 for members of other MLM companies. This would be a good offset to level the playing field when considering the competition that is now offering similar resources in that price range. It bears repeating that the majority of people in various MLM programs need Personal Development Resources as tools to assist them in achieving personal and professional success.

1. This would eliminate potential conflict of interest for Network Marketing Companies who prefer that people adhere to 1 and not multiple MLMs.

2. It is more affordable when discretionary spending is down and people need at least 60 days to get to know their products and services and also need to make their first initial sales in their respective MLM less they will drop out due to a lack of productivity and possible lack of confidence, enthusiasm or their ability to succeed.

3. A 3rd consideration could include a 1 or 2 tier affiliate program for members of other MLMs who could be reimbursed for referring their team members to the (YSI) Training Center and Library. In this scenario, you could have a separate stand alone affiliate program to cover all your bases – especially seeing how there have been several failed attempts to establish an MLM paradigm for Personal Development Products that can sustain a profit. It also builds on a solid principle of basic affiliate marketing which is often employed by trainers and motivational speakers to fortify their bottom line, not to mention and numerous others who have an extensive affiliate marketing program. Why not create a hybrid and novel approach to integrating these two very lucrative strategies which do not have to be viewed as diametrically opposed or an either or approach to profit sharing – all under one roof. It would be didactic and a teachable moment for the new comer looking to establish their own footing in sales and marketing while at the same time remaining dynamic with an eye towards diversity in the market share for personal development and related strategies to achieve universal success.

As a member of i Learning Global for abut six months, it was my belief that this company was primarily a glorified infomercial for its faculty. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with that model, but “it is what it is” in spite of the valuable resources that (ILG) offers. Often times what you get is a smattering and a taste for what the individual faculty member has to offer in their more extensive and expanded courses and services. They too are entrepreneurs and are in business to offer services to assist individuals, corporations and small businesses while sustaining a profit.

At the reduced price for monthly membership, I Learning Global stands a good chance of attracting tens of thousands of Independent Business Owners from other MLMs. At the end of the day in light of recent comings and goings of MLM based companies offering personal development training resources, it is becoming more evident that Personal Development needs to be made available, at least for the beginner on a budget at a reduced cost, as it is truly a desirable and necessary enhancement to facilitate success for a person who aspires to fire their boss as an employee and establish roots as an independent business owner well on their way to financial freedom and prosperity. This isn’t to suggest that one cannot generate a handsome profit from marketing and promoting personal development, but history does not come down on the side of success for companies who have recently attempted to promote and market personal development exclusively as an MLM.

Authors Resource Box: Michael Barrett is an accomplished musician, entrepreneur, marketing consultant and published composer. To learn more about Michael Barrett, go to:

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Put your wallet Away & listen to what my friend and business partner Jason has to say about DNA where you can “Turn Data Into Dollars”

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 Profile: Hello Everyone, My name is  Michael Barrett and I am a Mentor, Composer, Producer and Entrepreneur. My passion, mission and purpose in life is in coaching and mentoring people to be successful in their own businesses especially in the network marketing industry and direct sales.

A Little About ME:

Born and raised in Massachusetts (USA) I was raised in a wonderful home as one of six boys. I also had the privilege of having a live in grandmother who was nothing less than wonderful, loving, and a BIG worker. My mom was a very special person who was truly dedicated and committed to serving her family. Even in the leanest of times, we always ate well, My dad owned his own business. In startling contrast to our home of nine people, he was raised in a single parent ome with his mom, (our live in grandmother), and his one bother Joseph, who later became his business partner. In looking back, this upbringing definitely taught me one thing, a strong work ethic and how to be persistent in owning your own business with all the risks involved. A common definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results! Many people who own and operating their own business is kind of like that. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You have to develop a strong faith that things will be okay in the face of every adversity and economic trend. It seemed like having an abundance of cash flow was overly dependent on the state of the economy at any given moment. …Sound Familiar?… Even in the best the times, the odds were sometimes stacked against you. Well you get the picture:

In spite of my wonderful upbringing, I later came to realize, like many of you, that the vast majority of people are trained and led to believe that hey have very little control over their lot and life and carry on their daily affairs thinking that opportunity has passed them by or was never there in the first place. We have all heard the old adage from many of our parents, teachers, mentors and peers: Get a “Good Education,” a “Good Job,” and You will be Set For Life. Unfortunately many of the Blessed Souls and Good Living People who choose to embrace such a mindset continue to live a life without a lot of flex with a world view that predisposes them and often sustains an ongoing lifestyle marked by limiting beliefs and lack of vision and passion for Abundance. Something that I knew early on which became crystal clear in latter years is that I needed to create my own reality and forge my own destiny. This kind of attitude can best be illustrated by the achievements of athletes who strive to break world records like that of Roger Bannister who in May of 1954, was the first to run a mile under 4 minutes. Once he broke the record, some twenty thousand runners have followed in his footsteps to accomplish the same goal or have surpassed him. Prior to his outstanding achievement, no one in the world thought it was possible, but he had a vision and a passion that changed every thing. Now I ask you, after posing these same questions to myself. What would you like to accomplish? Do you have unfulfilled Dreams? What would you like to achieve, and what is your game plan and strategy to do so and Make It Happen?

After college I continued my quest to make a difference and went on to do four more years of graduate studies in Theology and Pastoral Counseling. Although I had many wonderful musical skills, I felt the need to embrace a mission to serve the Church in its Ministry and Pastoral Outreach. This truly was a work of love and I cherish every minute that I served in that leadership capacity and was touched by many of the leaders I worked with and the people who I served.
     A few years ago, after prayerful reflection and having become the principle care giver for my mom, Evelyn Shields (Life long Musician & Vocalist) who suffered a massive right brain stroke, my interests turned to the development of my entrepreneurial skills. As a musician, composer and producer of several audio CDs, I was no stranger to marketing. I immersed my self in the ongoing and ever changing world of marketing strategies with a special emphasis in marketing on the internet. This was a major mid-life shift, as I was very successful in what I was doing, but was often times overwhelmed with the reality that I had very little control to form and reform an institution that seemed to come down on the side of mediocrity and limiting beliefs, as ironic as that may sound. But like many institutions, steeped in tradition, such institutions choose not to embrace technologies that could assist them in becoming more life giving with a vision for expanding their horizons that would enable them to become landmarks of Excellence Personified through Leadership Development.. The Christian Church is truly an organization endowed with many wonderful men and women in history, but somehow did not seem to be the best fit for me to develop and incorporate my expanding vision and passion to empower all who desire abundance, financial independence, prosperity; that is facilitated and sustained by an integrated lifestyle that embraces Love, Family, Health & Wellness, Personal Achievement, Self Mastery, a Mastermind Culture, Dynamic Spirituality and Team Synergy.

In spite of all the peaks and valleys I experienced on this 25 year roller coaster ride, serving in a leadership capacity, I have always been able to keep a positive attitude about life. Although the work that I was doing was very fulfilling, my greater need for independence and the need to expand my horizons and develop a dynamic vision for a comprehensive lifestyle did not jive in the community settings where I found myself. The system was too subjective to the personal whims and limiting beliefs of the various leaders who came and went. In spite of ther many virtues, my assessment is that there was a lack of personal management and attentiveness on the part of Church Officials in the areas of money, power, and Leadership Development which would often lead many people, which included me, feeling very confused and discouraged. There was seldom a feeling of complimentality whereby we we could lead in a spirit of true partnership. For some, this system works very well. It wasn’t until I found the right situation that allowed me to find my true North and have control over my own ability to obtain ABUNDANCE and a deeper sense of peace within and the world around me. I discovered the power and freedom of owning my own life. I am now able to serve countless tens of thousands, worldwide, with a servant’s heart. I have much to be grateful for, especially new friends and fellow entrepreneurs who share my passion for abundant life and want to share all of this with someone like you so you and your family can have all that is available for the asking and the choosing. As the late and beloved Jim Rhon, prolific author, life coach and world renowned trainer for personal development had often said: "Success Attracts Opportunity" and I believe that this is your time to choose success and choose to "live life to the fullness with abundance." We all deserve to live the life we desire!

Who I’d like to Meet…

Like minded people who desire abundance of love, health, wealth and friends. My passion is helping people improve life in any and all ways and to create FREEDOM in their lives. I discovered that helping, teaching and mentoring people who desire abundance in life is a rewarding experience.

By paying close attention to the market trends in the Network Marketing Industry I find myself being constantly educated and sharing this knowledge with others. Many people ask why I give this information for free? It’s simple… There are many people in the industry whom have experienced failure multiple times and think that it is their fault. I experienced that same failure until I found the untimate Attraction Marketing System which is an answer to prayer and has turned struggling with my MLM into Total Success. I Look Forward to speaking with you.

Let’s Connect!

Michael Barrett


Direct Phone Line: (617) 299-6402

Twitter Facebook Myspace


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My Mentors Network

Check Out My Music:

GrinninBarrettBand Blog

GrinninBarrettband blog bulliten

Get Down & Dirty and Take the FARMVILLE Challenge!

Listen to Christian Pankhurst, Personal Change Expert!

iLearningGlobal is pleased to announce Dr. Christian Pankhurst as the featured faculty member on this Saturday’s Millionaire Mentor Session.

Dr. Christian Pankhurst was a practicing Chiropractor until 2003, when he left the United Kingdom to pursue a career as an inspirational speaker & facilitator. In order to advance his understanding and skills, he sought out and studied with the world’s most inspired leaders in the fields of new thought, health and personal transformation. Since then, his work has transformed the lives of thousands of people in countries all over the world.

Please join us on Saturday to hear Dr. Pankhurst speak on “Heart Intelligence”.

We look forward to having you join us on the call!


When: Saturday, January 9th, 9am PST

Dial in: 646-519-5830

Access code: 7244

“Learn from the experts’, you’ll never live long enough to learn it all yourself”  Brian Tracy

Meet Tom Barrett – Songwriter – GrinninBarrettBand

As a member of the Grinninbarrett Band, I have shared a passion for music since I was a kid. As a musician and songwriter, I, like my brothers, have offered my own signature to the sound of the Grinninbarrett collective. Each of us owns our own unique perspective on rock and pop. The great thing about the project is drawing on a combination of these perspectives. That’s our way of keeping it fresh and keeping it real. My most recent offering, ”Winter” is available by clicking on the link below.


Lyrics: Kenny Thomas / Music: Tom Barrett

Rock and Roll Dream – Bill Barrett – GrinninBarrettBand

If you like Classic Rock then you are goig to love this!

About Grinnin Barrett Band

The GrinninBarrettBand is based out of Southern New Hampshire, USA. “Rock and Roll Dream” composed and performed by Bill Barrett, is one of the featured songs on the bands first offering: IT”S ABOUT TIME which is getting great attention and has sold tens-of-thousands of copies world wide, via the band’s private label: 3miMusic, and digital distribution. “All of our songs are available for download at ” explains Bill Barrett, spokesman for the band as well as itunes and other popular music sites. The current line up of the band members include: John Barrett vocalist, drummer and composer, Garrett Barrett on guitar and vocals, Tom Barrett – fellow composer who doubles on rhythm guitar and Keys and Bill Barrett, composer and Bass player for the band. Michael Barrett, composer & producer, is (founder and CEO of / serves as the bands producer and also plays keys on many of the bands recorded productions. “We all sing lead and backup vocals” says Bill Barrett. The band prides itself on tight harmonies and tight pocket grooves. They are constantly writing new material and have set no limitations on musical genres but Classic Rock would seem to be their preference. “You can find us on myspace, and we are having a blast as we are making friends and fans all over the world. Be sure to visit the bands myspace page at: We would also like to thank Tom, (fellow musician and founder of myspace), for giving us the opportunity to share our music with the world. To download the bands music, log on to:

About Rock and Roll Dream & song writer Bill Barrett:

“Rock and Roll Dream” was Bills first musical composition. A Rocker since the age of 13, he picked up his first acoustic guitar and began strumming familiar songs from The Beatles, The Birds, Kinks, Yardbirds and the Rolling Stones and other great acts who have had a profound influence on his musical career. Shortly after acquiring his first acoustic guitar, he broke into the world of electric and purchased his trusty Silvertone amplifier from Sears and has been rocking ever since. Bill is a prolific writer and continues to inspire and encourage his fan base around the world. For ongoing updates visit: Other recorded compositions from Bill Barrett include: Out of Work, Give it Up, Goodbye Girl, So Listen Up and The Radio Song.

Follow GrinninBarrettBand on: