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Hubze is an all new Elegant Organization that allows you to assemble all of your social site links be it: Twitter, Facebook, Direct Matches, Linkedin, BetterNetworker, Myspace, Sokule etc. and post to all of them at the push of a button from one single platform. The Hubze MeCard is and will always be a free service for all who sign up. You can Sign Up for your FREE Hubze MeCard by Clicking Here.

Whether we are engaged in Network Marketing, Direct Sales or Affiliate Marketing, we all need a network to communicate and interact with. Today the name of the game is to Brand Yourself. We have all heard it said that when someone decides to join you in your respective business opportunity or service, they are Joining YOU – Not Your Business!

This is why this phenomenon is called Attraction Marketing, most recently brought to light, and sphere headed by Internet Marketer Mike Dillard who is the well known author of: “Magnetic Sponsoring.” You attract other people to yourself, before you can successfully recruit them into your particular organization or sign them up for a service or product that you are offering; they ultimately want to know Who You Are. And if they are drawn to you, and you have something of value to offer them, then they are more likely to join you in your MLM or Business Enterprise. This is how we Attract Success, a concept that was brilliantly developed and purported by the late Jim Rhon, known for his legendary interpersonal business and marketing concepts.

Successful Marketers often employ a marketing strategy called ‘Funnel Marketing’ which is one of the most effective ways to expose people to a product or service that we are promoting. Everyone “Loves to Buy,” but no one “Likes to Be Sold To….”

The Key Components of the Funnel Marketing Formula are:






The formula goes something like this. Generate Traffic to your Landing Page, where potential prospects can opt in so you can Capture their name and email. This is best accomplished by engaging a visitor who comes to your site by introducing them to your self via written copy, a short video or audio presentation. And always be sure to have a photo or two of you and your family – even if you think you only have a face for Radio. In doing so, you begin to develop a Rapport which is an essential element in a well developed marketing funnel strategy that will result in putting your prospect in front of your Proposal and invite them to take action. …So simple, a Farangi can do it?

There are a variety of well established Online Marketing Funnel Systems presently available to assist us in accomplishing this goal. And in the not-so-distant-future, the Hubze Platform is going to enable the user to integrate several marketing tools like: Auto Responders, Lead Capture pages, Monetized Blog Development, and Training from some of the leading Internet Marketers who have already come on board because they know that “We Are” the Hubze Generation!

And what could be better than to have all of these marketing tools on one single platform. In many respects, the Hubze Platform is being modeled after the Smart Integration of Apple with it’s Flagship Technology manifested in the iphone, with the ability to communicate with your computer many thousands of miles away. The Hubze Platform could very well be the Proto type and Category Creator – Made and developed in the Image and Likeness of Apple Mastermind Technologies and may give rise to Social Site Web 3.0+ It is no wonder that Hubze is giving away a FREE iPad for the person who creates the best video to promote Hubze. So where is the Real Video Boss – Andy Jenkins when we really need him.

To learn more about Hubze Integrated Strategies, head over to: http://blog.hubze.com/march-22nd-webinar-replay/ And if you like what you see, and it feels right, come back to this page and sign up for your FREE Hubze MeCard. Or Click Here to Sign up for FREE before you leave, and be sure to invite all of your friends, business associates and team members when Hubze sends you your very own sign up link. This is going to be huge because Hubze is All about You and will give you all the marketing training tools you will ever need to be successful in establishing your very own network of friends and business associates.

As it continues to go viral, with 10,000 sign ups in the first 21 days, Hubze is destined to hit 1 – 2 million users within the first few months of its official launch. So keep your eyes, ears and virtual hearts open, attentive and alert to one of technologies best friends as it takes the internet by storm while making a landmark contribution to the Universe and finds itself on the cover of the pilot edition of “Better Internet and Virtual Living” magazine! LOL

Author’s Resource Box. Michael Barrett is a published composer, sit down comedian, producer, entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Global Mastermind Edge and is an internet marketer. To learn more about Michael and the “Color of Up,” visit his site at: http://WhoIsMichaelBarrett.com

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