Establishing Our Life’s Goals by Michael Barrett

Life is a journey and we have the power to create our own reality, our own destiny by the choices we make. The choices we made prior to now and the choices we make today will determine our future. Choosing carefully and decisively will result in dramatic transformations in our life. Have you ever considered how powerful you really are? Sometimes it may take adversity, personal exhaustion or even a tragic moment or loss of a love one to open ourselves to new and exciting possibilities. These breakthroughs can be life changing and can be seen as ‘Life Path Moments’

Feeling the effects and frustration of being financially broke can also give rise to one of these Life Path Moments and may dispose us to STOP wishing for a different circumstance. But to then take the necessary actions to change the outcome so we don’t find ourselves in the same place a year or ten years from now. Many of us are familiar with the definition of insanity: that is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Unfortunately, many people live their lives doing the same things over and over again hoping for change or a different result.

To live a life of intentionality and not a life by default, you need to work on your own dreams by setting goals. A very good way to do this is to make a date with your soul. Go to a location or a setting that would be conducive for personal reflection, a place where you can get away from the many distractions that life has to offer. In setting you apart from the all-to-familiar to make a date with your soul will make for a powerful moment in your life, in fact a real awakening to the world of possibilities.

Awakenings can revolutionize our life and provide instantaneous clarity and vision. These new realities occur like something that was never there. An awakening is a defining moment for us, a moment of real truth. I once met a person who was always up and very positive. She appeared to be on top of her game. When asked if she had always been so positive, she profoundly replied that “when you give life your best, life gives you its best in return.” Sounds like the Attitude of Gratitude.

In order to really do this, we need to align our self with our ultimate source. For some of us that is God, our higher power all in way of good spiritual economics. You were not born to be limited but have been endowed with the very same stuff that great people who always win are made of. All yaou need to do to realize this great potential and awaken sleeping giant within us is to simply KNOW, not visualize or meditate on this fact, but KNOW that you are in the same category as the greatest people who have ever lived, those who you perceive as winners. After all, in heavens eyes there are no losers. You were born to win and to live your life with no limiting beliefs.

Setting Your Goals:

When you make a date with your soul, you will want to sit down and write out your goals. Unfortunately, only about 14% of the worlds’ population actually set goals and write them down. When you set your goals, you should do it in the PRESENT TENSE as if to say you already have attained them. You list should read something like the following. These are my goals, but you can do the same with yours. Do not, I repeat, do not simply visualize having these things some time in the future. KNOW that you have these things RIGHT NOW. This is one of the underlying keys that make successful people Successful. We call this the Be, Do and Have exercise. Chances are you are already doing some of this without realizing it. In doing this exercise several times a day you will want to Think Big with ‘No Limiting Beliefs.’

 I have a digital camera

 I own a laptop

 I have a great wardrobe

 My books and CDs are selling vigorously

 I am caught up on my taxes

 I have a steady source of revenue and have no debt

 I am flying around the world in first class

 I have provided my mother with her own accessible dream house with a live in care giver

 I received a check for 150k to engage in numerous speaking events for a major publisher

 I have my own home on the beech in San Diego

 I own a luxury vehicle with driver

Once you have committed these goals to writing, you should review them every day, and if possible, twice a day. Place them on your mirror, so when you look at your reflection, you will see yourself as one who is endowed with all that it takes to achieve greatness and generosity. You would to do well to recite them out loud. Experience the Power of YOU. This is how we effectively create our reality and our destiny.

You need to go within. As the saying goes, ‘if you don’t go ‘within’ you will go ‘without.’ You will want to have and be possessed with a vision for your life. When you get on the right path, a certain magic happens and becomes very real. These are special moments in our life that are moments of elevations or spirit shifts. You know: Shifts Happen! When we take the time to address what’s happening inside, reality conforms to what is happening within. We are spiritually connected to that same source that gave birth to creation, makes babies and enables us to co-create and create our own reality, our ‘destiny’ in harmony with our God, our source and others. A certain guiding life principal suggests that it is also very important to be aware that when we engage in any activity, or make plans to do so, it should only be pursued if it is for the good of all, and not just for our self.

Your dreams and goals are your North Star that will guide you on the journey of your life path. You possess the divine right to dream and have whatever you want. We are invited to create and co-create all things with the energy of ‘thoughts,’ ‘feelings’ and ‘actions.’ The world of energy is based on these three principles. From these principles comes a deeper awareness of complete abundance, prosperity, total freedom and unlimited beliefs that allows us to bring our authenticity to fruition. Abundance and Well Being Is the Natural State of Our Universe. And that Love, Harmony and Prosperity is the birth right of every human being living on our planet. When we align our self with our true source, our creator, we will discover our true purpose and give back to the community. The Good Book reminds us that: “In giving, we shall receive.”

Authors Resource Box: Michael Barrett is an accomplished musician, composer, producer and has been an Entrepreneur for five years. He has been very successful and has inspired tens of thousands with his musical compositions, productions and wants to give back to the community in offering his experience and personal training to build up and develop a global community of successful entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals who share a vision for personal enterprise. If you would like to partner up with Michael: Click Here!

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