personal professional life 300x173 How to Balance Professional and Personal Life?The phrase “time poverty” did not exist until the end of 20th century. Nowadays it has become a widespread phenomenon. More and more people sacrifice their personal time to develop their careers and make enough money to live comfortably.
For many of us most of our work days look almost the same. Home – car – work – car – home.  We simply have no time to go out as often as we would like to and meet other people.
I get a lot of messages from my readers saying that they hope to make more friends on Facebook, because they feel the lack of personal communication and support.
Similar, many of my friends, who are working long hours in the office complain about not being able to meet anyone or start a relationship.
I recently read that in China many parents, who are eager to see their busy children married, gather in a park every Sunday in the hope of finding potential partners for their children. They stroll around, striking up conversations with other parents, and exchanging information, complete with pictures and resumes. After they select several possible candidates they let their children choose the one they like the most. Sounds shocking? And yet, it is possible that we are moving in the same direction as well.
•  How do you meet people who make you happy and make new friends?
•  What is your secret of balancing work and personal life?
•  How do you make time for your family and people that are dear to you?
After all, people in your life make a huge difference to your level of happiness, life satisfaction and well-being.
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 How to Balance Professional and Personal Life?

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