ASEA Review in the July Issue of Road Bike Action


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Have you seen the latest edition of Road Bike Action magazine?

Technical editor Richard Cunningham has been putting ASEA through the paces for about 90 days, and his article in the July issue of Road Bike Action gives a glowing endorsement of our product’s effectiveness in aiding in athletic endurance, performance, and recovery.

Some excerpts:

“ASEA…discovered that athletes, on average, could push 10 percent longer at their maximum thresholds with high results in the 30-percent range and lows around 7 percent. After testing the stuff for three months, I’d have to agree with them. We could pedal harder longer and recover from repeated, 100-percent efforts in ridiculously short intervals.”

“ASEA quietly powers up the muscles, dramatically reducing recovery times after over-the-top efforts, and it enables you to push precariously close to the anaerobic threshold for prolonged periods of time…. Typically, ASEA users can go hard over and over again and count on a full recovery within a few minutes. I addition, it is possible to push harder on the pedals for extended periods without going anaerobic.”

“Most people simply feel fresher and more energetic when using the stuff. Residual muscle pain and soreness is considerably reduced during a hard ride, so it encourages riders to push even harder.”

“Hi-Torque has a long-standing policy of not recommending any supplement or drug for cycling, partly for liability reasons, and also because we lack the resources to do double-blind scientific evaluations of every compound that claims to enhance performance. We can say, however, that our three-month trial use of ASEA substantiated Dr. Samuelson’s laboratory results.”

Click here to read the entire article.

The word is spreading. ASEA offers substantial advantages to athletes, and now more and more people are hearing about it. There’s a buzz out there in the athletic community, an excitement that cannot be stopped. The secret is out: ASEA provides profound results in performance, endurance, and recovery.

This is great publicity for ASEA! A credible, professional magazine editor performed his own tests on our product, and found fantastic results!

So use this article and the quotes you find here to get the word out! ASEA has a profound effect on the human body, and now athletes everywhere are learning that! 

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