How much capital to start an online auction site?

How much capital do I need to start my online auction site, I have a very niche market (Don’t want to say it) and I think I could do it all by myself, if not just paying for someone to make the code for the auction and then being done with it. (is it that complicated to set up the actual website)

so advertising not withstanding how much capital should I start with, I know ill probably need more then the 10.99 to register a Godaddy site.

Is there a definitive guide to online marketing?

I am looking for something which gives excellent insight into affiliate marketing, online advertsing networks, PPC, SEO, CPC, CPM, CPA, blogs, forums and marketing on social networks, Web 2.0 etc. Also has to be current content – not something written in 2002 or something – less than a year or 2 old

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Our licensor has asked my company for our business model as it relates to two of our distributors that have exclusive selling rights for a niche market. Honestly, we are using these distibutors because they were recommended by the licensor — but I cannot say that. I am unsure how to convey our strategy other than the standard "Four P’s" approach. Does anyone have any insight here???

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I am looking for the quickest techniques in order to get new music out onto the Internet, without the use of a marketing or PR company. Looking for the easiest DIY techniques that are actually working in today’s online music environment. Interested in myspace techniques, iTunes tips, facebook, etc. Anyone have any connections?

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