What are some good niche markets?

We have been doing online marketing for "real estate" clients over the past 4 years. I would like to branch off into other niche markets. Anyone have any suggestions as to what markets would be good to consider? Or maybe an exhaustive list of niche markets to explore?

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Any good marketing firms specializing in online products?

Our company has an e-commerce website targeted at bakeries. We are trying to find a marketing firm, which we would like to hire. We don’t want to just focus on online marketing (SOE, Mass email etc). We would like to explore traditional channels as well. Any recommendations? Pretty much a company that will be our "marketing department".

Thank you in advacne

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Feel free to elaborate on what else you might do to promote it.

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    What are important features of an online marketing tool?

    We are in the process of building a new online marketing tool and would like to gather some feedback on what features folks feel are important and useful. What are the features of surveymonkey or zoomerang do you feel are ones that you couldn’t live without?


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    Successful Niche Marketing?

    How do I go about identifying profitable niches in Internet Marketing?

    We all know some of the popular niches like golf and fly fishing. But these categories are too competitive with incumbents who have already paved the way into the market place.

    I realized that it may not be that simple to just get into the common niche markets like this and be successful.

    The hurdles are also stacked against you in terms of bidding for PPC adwords (going to be costly) and even if you were to do JVs, I believe these relevant JV partners would already have been approached by earlier incumbents.

    Finally, the crux of the matter is also the lack of a frim understanding for most people in terms of the kind of tools that one can use to scan the market place for niche keywords which leads to an understanding of the types of market demand in question.The keyword results is based on what base keyword you type in and hence limited to that one category of choice for eg golf.

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    Can anyone kindly specify the normal industry standard CTR (Click Through Rate) in the indian online marketing scene.

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    Target Niche marketing!?

    Hello I am looking to do some niche marketing in my local area and would like to know if anyone knows of ways to obtain names of people who are in boat, RV, and snowmobile clubs/assocations. Also, looking to get information on registered snowmobiles, RV’s, and boats in our area and new mothers in our county. All of this information used to be public record but with the HIPPA and other privacy laws a lot of what I used to be able to obtain is now secured information. Thanks for any input you have!

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    I want to be involve in online marketing i.e using credit cards or even wire transfer. I dont know how to get going with the stuff.

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