I always asked myself what are the best marketing strategies for a small business, I always thought the best marketing strategies for a small business is never give up
Do you agree with me or do you have other several ideas about the best marketing strategies for small business?

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I have to talk about an experience that has led me to my personal development and just can’t seem to think of a good example. Help please!
This is for a scholarship

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affiliate marketing success ?

what are the peoples names that have been super successful and made legitimate money online using affiliate marketing, PPC, and all other online making money techniques???

what are the names of the phony affiliate marketing gurus??? they claim their product works but is a waste of time and money???

any additional info will be helpful. thank you.

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What are the best product(s) for on-line marketing?

I welcome any suggestion of where I can find statistics for products to sell on internet. I’m trying to begin an on-line business and it is at its infancy. I have some ideas, a basic plan and some $ saved up for marketing. I welcome any suggestions.

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Define personal success ?

Gobs of cash ?
Being happy ?
Raw power to make other do as you please ?
Understanding and acepting your own nature ?
A set of particular actions ( skiing baseball )
Being recognised by others ( President supervisor etc )
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How to succeed in affiliate marketing?

how to success in affilaite marketing?. how do i sell the product online?

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So you see a bunch of affiliate marketing gurus that say they make millions of dollars a year, but this is not the norm for most people that get into affiliate marketing. In fact, I have read that only 5% of people who do affiliate marketing stick with it and earn any kind of real money from it. So, has anyone out there that is not a "guru" had any affiliate marketing success? I am trying to decide if it is worth it to get my hopes up that I can make any real money from it.

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