The Root of All Evil

I’m a little disturbed with much of the social commentary around money of late.Europe, Jeb Bush and Michael Moore are all attacking capitalism, CNBC’s American Greed is in its fourth season and the infamous movie Wall Streethas its sequel debut next month. The subtext in all this is money is bad… even evil.

Let’s remember the full text: For the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10)—not money itself.

People (certain few) are the evil ones. Remember, money is nothing but dirty pieces of paper with dead presidents on them. People are the ones who attach emotions, feelings and perplexing behaviors to it.

I have found that money only makes us more of whom we already were, but couldn’t afford to exercise. If you are caring, generous and compassionate, with money now you can do great works. If you are jerk, more money will only make you a more obnoxious, loud and glitzy jerk. Yet, people will point to the money as his source of evil. Not so. Money only funded a spotlight and megaphone for his true nature to shine.

Let’s put accountability back where it belongs—not the system of capitalism, the pursuit of the “American Dream” or with money itself, but with the people who abuse the system and the illicit and criminal pursuit and use of money.Instead, I’m more inclined to believe: the root of all evil is… CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF POST

boy with a ball1 300x222 What Is One Skill That You Could Teach Someone Else How To Do?When I was little I did not like playing with dolls as other girls did. All of the dolls that I had been given for my Birthday and Christmas served one single purpose – I practiced my hairdresser skills on them. I would braid their hair in exquisite hairstyles and decorated them with colorful ribbons and hair jewelry. The only thing I felt reluctant doing was cutting their hair. I was afraid to mess up and make my dolls look ugly. I had only one option left if I wanted to be a real hairdresser – practice on my little brother. :)

One day I convinced him to play “hair salons” with me. I took my comb and mom’s scissors and enthusiastically got down to business. My little brother actually seemed to enjoy it.

The work quickly proceeded and “outdated” white blond locks fell to the floor one by one to create a stylish haircut. I was just about to finish, when my parents realized that we were acting too quiet and decided to take a look at what we were up to.

There was a minute’s silence in the room and then my dad summed it up in a simple phrase, “What in the world have you done?!”

Neither of my parents seemed to appreciate my brother’s new funky look. My mom immediately got us dressed and we went to a real hair salon. My punishment was that I had to pay for my brother’s second haircut with my ‘ice-cream money’. But the most embarrassing part was to hear all the comments that everyone made, when they saw my brother’s hair: “Poor child!”… “Who did this to you?”… “Don’t worry… It will be ok”…

This sad situation, however, did not put an end to my hair dresser’s talent and 22 years later I still occasionally die or cut my friends’ hair. No one has complained since… And I enjoy it tremendously! :)

What is the one thing that you enjoyed doing when you were little? Is there any particular skill you would like to pass on to your children?

I’d love to know more about your talents and special skills. Do not be shy and share your comment below!

 What Is One Skill That You Could Teach Someone Else How To Do?