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Hubze Power Point Download- Get It Now!

In an effort to help you spread the word on hubze and allow you to get as many referrals as possible, I am giving you the power point of the hubze presentation I did. You can also use the graphics on the power point if you want to make a video for our contest.


Mike Healy



How to Change the World

Since there was so much interest in the “Enough Already!” article, I wanted to extend the discussion by sharing something incredibly profound with you…

This article could change the life you experience forever. No joke.

I want to show you how to completely change the world… in an instant.
This might be a bit controversial for many, and even more won’t have the stomach to do what I am suggesting…

You can rid the world of all wars, crimes, scandals, gossip, corruption and international conflict.You have that much power… in the palm of your hand.

Are you ready to change the world (if you dare)?

Hit the ‘OFF’ button.
Turn OFF your TV
Turn OFF your radio
Turn OFF your newspaper subscription
I’ve explained before (video: Media Madness) how watching media that aggregates the most brutal, shocking, heinous and scandalous events of the day can give you a perverted view of the world. Meanwhile millions of beautiful, miraculous,positive and wonderful things happen during the same day that don’t get any attention. It’s incredibly destructive to your spirit and creative potential.

Here is the controversial part…CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF POST

Is There Any Book That Has Made A Difference In Your Life?

boost intelligence1 300x197 Is There Any Book That Has Made A Difference In Your Life?There are many books that we enjoy reading. There are many books that we find impossible to put down. There are many great books that we give as gifts to our friends. But there are only a few books that really have a noticeable effect on our lives. Do you know what kind of books am I talking about?

For me one of these books was Stephen R. Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I have heard about and read many self-help books that talked about the importance of taking responsibility for my life and everything that happens s to me.

It made sense, but still “taking responsibility” seemed a little ‘heavy’ to me. It felt like I must heap the burden of responsibility for all of my failures, mistakes, negative thoughts and actions onto my tiny shoulders and carry it around like an old heavy coat that I neither liked, nor needed to keep warm.

Stephen Covey talked about being pro-active and taking charge of my career and personal development rather than passively reacting to whatever situations life throws my way. Basically, this was the same old “take responsibility for your life” concept, but it suddenly made perfect sense! I finally got it! You know when you put a cap on the marker and it looks closed, but if you push a little harder you hear it click. Similar we can know something for years, but one day it just “clicks”!

Is there a book that has had a great impact on your life? What is it?

And more importantly in what way or in which specific area of your life did that book help you?

Share your opinion in the comment section below!

 Is There Any Book That Has Made A Difference In Your Life?