Hey monezers!!!

We are having a very spceial promotion! We were not expecting the response we have had for this beta launch, so we dicided to throw some money out here. So here is what we have decided to do…

We are going to give $250 to beta tester number 4000! We are also going to give the person who enrolls beta tester 4000 $250 cash! So all you have to do is keep throwing your link around and get people to register! We are over 3000 strong already, so I would guess we will be giving the money away some time tomorrow at the rate we are going!

We only have one small requirement, and that is you take a picture of yourself with the check and a big smile on your face and email it to us! Other than that the only other requirement is to enjoy spending it!!

Have a great day, and the winners will be announced as soon as we reach 4000! Good luck to ALL of you!