How I Made $100,000 More By Leaving My Company

In this Video Blog, I share with you some points on why I left my company but still made more money and it’s not what you think.

Evolv Canada Opens Monday 2.22.2010

Evolv is proud to open its doors in Canada Monday 2.22.2010.

What does that mean if you live in Canada?  That means you can be one of the FIRST Canadian Evolv founders and build this amazing Evolv business from CANADA from DAY 1.

This is such an exciting time for everyone. Here in the US we have been enjoying the magnificent results that not only the product has brought to people but the BUSINESS results we have seen since the introduction of Evolv officially in late 2009 in the US. With an aggressive International expansion plan that starts with the Canadian market opening 2.22.2010, Mexico follows as well in 2010!

The possibilities are ENDLESS with Evolv. If you live in Canada and would like to Evolv with us, we have team members already trained and ready to help you grow over there. Give us a call from Canada through our CONTACT US form above and ask for MONA. Let her know who you are working with so that you are placed with the correct sponsor and we will help you get started!

You can also visit your distributor’s website Monday morning (2.22.2010) and enroll online directly.