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So I was talking to some people today about marketing and how important it is to have an internet presence, and I totally agree. The only problem today is the cost to have a strong presence on the web.

I agree 100% that you HAVE to be on the Internet today if you want to be in business because that is where it all takes place, but there is a right and wrong way to go about it.

Unless you have thousands of dollars for an ad budget then Pay Per Click is probably not your best bet. I spent $3000 to take a course on Google, and it still confuses me because it is constantly changing, and they do not reward the un-educated, the reward the people who figure out how it all works, and their reward? Lower cost per click…

There is too big a learning curve for the “little guy” to even think about being a player.

That is why I have and will always tell people that the best way is to utilize the social networking sites, tied with the old school “face to face” methods. Ya thats right they still work, but take the old “meet and greet” method and start doing it online…and see what happens.

People still want to get to know people, as they should, before the spend money with them. Now of course if you are a store selling a specific product, well you are looking for customers and that is easier to advertise to than when you are looking for “business people” to join your MLM company. I have 2 different ways to attack those as they are completely different, but seeing as how it is my background, I am talking about MLM…

You HAVE to build relationships with people…bottom line and if you do not have or make time to do that, unless you have money to just throw away you will not have much luck in this Industry. You HAVE to be willing to make new friends, but the good news is, with social networking, you can search for people with common interests so you end up working with people whom you have things in common with.

Let me tell you, it is so much more fun to work with people you actually WANT to work with rather than people who you have nothing in common, and who you have to “re-sell” all the time…

So my advice, is to get out there and start building your social networks. Even if you think they are dumb and don’t work, I am living proof that they do…and it is 100% free. The only cost is time.

Don’t make it difficult. It is sooo easy. Talk to people as if they are sitting next to you. Couldn’t you use a couple more friends? Think about this too…you don’t need 100’s who “get it”…you need 5-6 and that is all. If you can get 5 or 6 people who see your company as something they can do, and they do what you did and do the same, the results are staggering and I am not even going to show you it is so amazing…and DOABLE!

I hope this helps! Get out there and get social! =-)


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