Ego Over Purpose Spells Trouble!

Why I Walked Away!

By Alan Noble

I love the Network Marketing industry. It’s been very good to me. But that doesn’t mean I love everything about it. I ended up walking away from this great industry for 2 very simple reasons.

1. The industry became saturated in mediocre same old same old products. You have to wade through the masses of me-too products to try to find something worth marketing. But that is not what this blog is about.
2. The owners. The Ethos. That was the second one. Company ownership who were motivated by nothing more than lining their own pockets…anyway…anyhow!  Short sighted greed.  Slashing incomes from hard working distributors.  Inserting family members  into the tree for maximum gain. Bribing “master” distributors to join, terminating others at a whim! This my friends is an E under P company. And our industry is now full of them!

Watch the video below and you will fully understand E versus P. But before you do, you should know who is presenting. His name is Tyler Norton. He sits on the board of a company called ASEA. He is the son of the founder and CEO, Verdis Norton. What he is explaining will send a shiver up your spine if you have ever been associated with an E over P company in the past. It should also make your Network Marketing soul yearn for an E under P company.

A company driven by purpose and meaning, by principles and a real passion to make a difference in the world. That company is ASEA, and the product…well…it just happens to be the greatest breakthrough our industry has ever seen. Period!



To Learn More about the ASEA Breakthrough and how it can impact and transform your life with an athletic edge of greater endurance: Click Here

Although I did not know a great deal about Linkedin when I was first invited to sign up about a year ago, I can only tell you that as a professional marketer in training, I am delighted and inspired to network with other professionals.  As a young musician, my late Uncle Irv advised me to always play with musicians who are better than me.  In much the same way, hanging out with the pros and those in the know at Linkedin  are exactly what the doctor ordered.

If Golf is your game, do everything in your power to play a round or two with the best at your favorite country club.  Or better still, position yourself with colleagues who will invite you to their favorite country club even if you cannot afford to frequent that club due to financial constrictions.  It is all in the company you keep that can have everything to do with making you a better person, better networker and be on top of your game and before you know it, you too will be in a better position to join more exclusive clubs and will be sought out by others.

I know from experience.  With just a limited knowledge of sound recording, once I decided that I wanted to do professional recordings, I hooked up with the best of the best in my immediate network which included musicians and studio trained musicians from the Berkley College of Music in Boston and a producer who was able to get me into one of the best recording studios in Boston with their affiliate Studio based out of New York.  And by engaging in this process, I learned everything from laying quality tracks, music sequencing, bringing in some of the best musicians to play on my projects, and overseeing the entire manufacturing and marketing process from A to Z.  That is the power of hanging out and learning from the best of the best.

If you have not already done so, I would like to encourage you to join Linkedin today without delay.  To assist you in going about doing this the right way, use this video as your first stepping stone to realizing your personal and professional success with the aid of Linkedin with its millions of pros who are the best in their respective field.

To your ongoing success and always be sure to celebrate today and every day with an attitude of gratitude!  Michael Barrett

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ASEA Review in the July Issue of Road Bike Action


A Reveiw

Have you seen the latest edition of Road Bike Action magazine?

Technical editor Richard Cunningham has been putting ASEA through the paces for about 90 days, and his article in the July issue of Road Bike Action gives a glowing endorsement of our product’s effectiveness in aiding in athletic endurance, performance, and recovery.

Some excerpts:

“ASEA…discovered that athletes, on average, could push 10 percent longer at their maximum thresholds with high results in the 30-percent range and lows around 7 percent. After testing the stuff for three months, I’d have to agree with them. We could pedal harder longer and recover from repeated, 100-percent efforts in ridiculously short intervals.”

“ASEA quietly powers up the muscles, dramatically reducing recovery times after over-the-top efforts, and it enables you to push precariously close to the anaerobic threshold for prolonged periods of time…. Typically, ASEA users can go hard over and over again and count on a full recovery within a few minutes. I addition, it is possible to push harder on the pedals for extended periods without going anaerobic.”

“Most people simply feel fresher and more energetic when using the stuff. Residual muscle pain and soreness is considerably reduced during a hard ride, so it encourages riders to push even harder.”

“Hi-Torque has a long-standing policy of not recommending any supplement or drug for cycling, partly for liability reasons, and also because we lack the resources to do double-blind scientific evaluations of every compound that claims to enhance performance. We can say, however, that our three-month trial use of ASEA substantiated Dr. Samuelson’s laboratory results.”

Click here to read the entire article.

The word is spreading. ASEA offers substantial advantages to athletes, and now more and more people are hearing about it. There’s a buzz out there in the athletic community, an excitement that cannot be stopped. The secret is out: ASEA provides profound results in performance, endurance, and recovery.

This is great publicity for ASEA! A credible, professional magazine editor performed his own tests on our product, and found fantastic results!

So use this article and the quotes you find here to get the word out! ASEA has a profound effect on the human body, and now athletes everywhere are learning that! 

To Learn more about this Molecular Breakthrough Click Here

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Is Your Product King?

asea product is king

Have you noticed how many Network Marketers barely even talk about their product anymore?

They spend more time chasing personalities or comp plans than getting excited about the actual product they are marketing.

Has the world gone crazy?

I find it comical when I get a call from a so called professional networker and they spend more time telling me about some “personality” that is involved with their company than anything about the product. Why?

It’s even more unfortunate to have to listen to the poor old souls who actually believe they will “get paid on everyone” in some one legged comp plan that is nothing more than smoke and mirrors for a global bonus pool. No mention of the product. Why?

Has the wonderful industry of Network Marketing got so lost that networkers aren’t even talking about their products anymore? Why?

The answer is simple. Our industry is saturated with a ton of mediocre, average, same old same old product. Sometimes even good products…however the exceptional products are few and far between. Without an exceptional product most networkers get embarrassed to focus on their product so they try to create a buzz around a personality or comp plan. The only problem is… drum roll please….we get paid to move product! Product. Product. Product. The cold hard truth of it is this …if your product is not king, then you are in nothing more than a money game!

ASEA is quite possibly the strongest stand-alone product our industry has ever seen: A true category creator without copy cats or competition. ASEA represents a new frontier of science and is having an astonishing impact on people’s health and athletic performance. In ASEA the product is king!

We like it that way. What about you? ~Alan Noble-StartSerious Team

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so advertising not withstanding how much capital should I start with, I know ill probably need more then the 10.99 to register a Godaddy site.

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-how does it impact the economy?
-what are some trends in retailing that focus on niche markets?
-is there such thing as a niche marketer?

help i can’t find anything on the internet!

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..even helps you become excellent in online marketing.

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I’ve tried banners, and emails/newsletters. What are some other good tools?
Right now I’m doing tshirts, and later it will be my freelance again.

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2) Getting short term sales and getting through the initial stages of the venture expeditiously.

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4) Targeting a niche market with a customised marketing mix and the entrepreneur’s experience.

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Thank you in advacne

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Feel free to elaborate on what else you might do to promote it.

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    Successful Niche Marketing?

    How do I go about identifying profitable niches in Internet Marketing?

    We all know some of the popular niches like golf and fly fishing. But these categories are too competitive with incumbents who have already paved the way into the market place.

    I realized that it may not be that simple to just get into the common niche markets like this and be successful.

    The hurdles are also stacked against you in terms of bidding for PPC adwords (going to be costly) and even if you were to do JVs, I believe these relevant JV partners would already have been approached by earlier incumbents.

    Finally, the crux of the matter is also the lack of a frim understanding for most people in terms of the kind of tools that one can use to scan the market place for niche keywords which leads to an understanding of the types of market demand in question.The keyword results is based on what base keyword you type in and hence limited to that one category of choice for eg golf.

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    Can anyone kindly specify the normal industry standard CTR (Click Through Rate) in the indian online marketing scene.

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