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Hello my name is Darrin and thank you for watching my video on how to get money flowing into your life. I know all of the best business out there, the question is which one will work for you. I urge you to e-mail me as I can help you make money and on your path to success. Thank you and have a great day.

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Affiliate Marketing – Creating Your Leads Capture Page

How to create an effective leads capture page

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    Believe in Local Business | Support Your Community

    Melanie Christopher and WJTV News Channel 12 promote local businesses in central Mississippi with the public service announcement designed to encourage people to buy locally.

    Promoting small business ownership, Spiedo Restaurant in San Mateo CA, Promote your business for free on bizcloud. Learn about local businesses and invest in your community. Helping promote small business ownership, biz buy sell, small business promotional videos, demographics, coupons, reviews, events and small business news, all on and

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    Affiliate Marketing Success Formula Click this link to watch the rest of my Affiliate Marketing Success Formula video on my blog.

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    Zvents – Promote Your Local Business

    Do you own or manage a local business? Discover how to use Zvents as a marketing tool!

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    Want Your Business to Explode … Hubze Can Help?


    If you have noticed, we have re-branded the name from moneza to hubze. One reason is that we wanted to have a more user oriented name regarding what we are doing with the card. Hubze is a combination of “hub”, which is what we will be doing with ALL of your social sites and many other features and the word “zenith” which means the highest point or the pinnacle.
    I believe that this project I am working on with hubze and what it is going to do to help people will really blow peoples minds to say the least.
    Not only do I think it’s going to be a phenomenal service but it will be a significant revenue stream for many people as well.
    After nearly 16 years in business for myself, this may be the single biggest thing I have ever engaged in.
    Please take the time to be on the webinar monday night. You will not be disappointed.

    Get your FREE HubzeCard Card NOW!


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    Your Invitation to Hubze


    I wanted to share something with you. This is not going to cost you a dime so relax!

    This company Hubze is looking for beta testers to test a new social network marketing platform. They are going to have special gifts for all the beta testers once they launch, and so far the response I am getting is amazing!

    Like I said before, there is no cost and all you have to do is go to my link.

    Once you are there, just fill in your information and share the link you are given. This will tie all the people you refer to YOU.

    I am not sure what all this platform is going to do quite yet, but I already know it’s going to change the way companies market online.

    Social Networking has quickly become the #1 activity online today, and you really need to be there to take advantage of it.

    Go ahead and sign up so I can talk to you later and see you in the Hubzesphere!


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    From a recent posting of Mike Healy – National Training Director

    1. Is hubze (formerly Moneza) an MLM?

    NO WAY!! This is going to be a platform for you to socialize on. You can be a member of ANY company and ANY business and it will not contradict a thing…as a matter of fact it will HELP you and set you apart!

    2. What is hubze?

    Well, imagine if you will that there was only ONE place you had to go on the Internet to be “social”. I mean it is so overwhelming right now because everyone tells you that you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFinder, Ning and all these other social networks…and the truth is…it is overwhelming people.

    Enter hubze…we are going to simplify your life by giving you a platform where you only have to go ONE place to enter any content. One place to blog, update, share, chat, email, market and search.

    This is not going to be just another social network. This is not going to be just another online marketing system. This is going to be EVERYTHING you need!

    3. When are you launching?

    Well we are close to phase 1, which is called the meCards. If you want to see what they are going to look and function like, you need to be on the webinar on Monday. Register NOW because it is almost full already!

    4. Do you just want my money?

    We do not want a DIME from you. The “meCard” or “HubzeCard” is ALWAYS going to be free. We will never expect you to give us something for nothing, but we are going to do that for you!

    So those are about the top questions I keep getting, so I hope that clears everything up and gets you even more excited to get out there and share your link!


    Get a Free Hubze Card Now

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    The late Jim Rohn Always Said, We get paid for the value we bring to the market place.

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    Meet Peter Thomson

    Full Bio

    Peter Thomson is now regarded as one of the UK’s leading strategists on business and personal growth. Starting in business in 1972 he built 3 successful companies – selling the last to a public company, after only 5 years trading, for $7 million enabling him to retire at age 42.

    Since that time Peter has concentrated on sharing his proven methods for business and personal success via audio and video programmes, books, seminars and conference speeches – worldwide.

    With over 100 audio and 100 video programmes written and recorded he is Nightingale Conant’s leading UK author.

    Peter’s monthly audio newsletter, The Achievers Edge is now in its 11th year of publication helping clients across the world to achieve greater business and personal success.

    His weekly ezine: provides inspiration and practical ideas to 1000s every Monday morning.

    In 1999 The American Intercontinental University in London – with permission granted by the American Government- awarded Peter an Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Letters) for his work in communication skills and helping others to succeed in life.

    Apart from writing and recording programmes – Peter spends part of his time delivering seminars and conference speeches in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

    As a family man (4 sons), 36 years of business experience on his own account and as a keen golfer – his presentations and audio works are brought to life with true stories of success and failure – designed and delivered to make any listener realise they too can achieve their goals, be more successful and still – have time to play!

    A hallmark of Peter’s work is his use of thought-provoking original expressions – expressions that stop people in their mental tracks and have them re-evaluate their beliefs about success.

    Rock and Roll Dream – Bill Barret – GrinninBarrettBand

    If you like Classic Rock then you are goig to love this!

    About The GrinninBarrettBand

    The Grinnin Barrett Band is based out of Southern New Hampshire, USA. “Rock and Roll Dream” composed and performed by Bill Barrett, is one of the featured songs on the bands first offering: IT”S ABOUT TIME which is getting great attention and has sold tens-of-thousands of copies world wide, via the band’s private label: 3miMusic, and digital distribution. “All of our songs are available for download at ” explains Bill Barrett, spokesman for the band as well as itunes and other popular music sites. The current line up of the band members include: John Barrett vocalist, drummer and composer, Garrett Barrett on guitar and vocals, Tom Barrett – fellow composer who doubles on rhythm guitar and Keys and Bill Barrett, composer and Bass player for the band. Michael Barrett, composer & producer, is  (founder and CEO of / serves as the bands producer and also plays keys on many of the bands recorded productions. “We all sing lead and backup vocals” says Bill Barrett. The band prides itself on tight harmonies and tight pocket grooves. They are constantly writing new material and have set no limitations on musical genres but Classic Rock would seem to be their preference. “You can find us on myspace, and we are having a blast as we are making friends and fans all over the world. Be sure to visit the bands myspace page at: We would also like to thank Tom, (fellow musician and founder of myspace), for giving us the opportunity to share our music with the world. To download the bands music, log on to:

    About Rock and Roll Dream & song writer Bill Barrett:

    “Rock and Roll Dream” was Bills first musical composition. A Rocker since the age of 13, he picked up his first acoustic guitar and began strumming familiar songs from The Beatles, The Birds, Kinks, Yardbirds and the Rolling Stones and other great acts who have had a profound influence on his musical career. Shortly after acquiring his first acoustic guitar, he broke into the world of electric and purchased his trusty Silvertone amplifier from Sears and has been rocking ever since. Bill is a prolific writer and continues to inspire and encourage his fan base around the world. For ongoing updates visit: Other recorded compositions from Bill Barrett include: Out of Work, Give it Up, Goodbye Girl, So Listen Up and The Radio Song.

    Follow GrinninBarrettBand on:




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