I was born and raised in Northern Massachusetts and grew up in our family home which included my grandparents who lived upstairs. My grandfather, who immigrated to America from Lithuania, modeled for me the true entrepreneurial spirit that possessed the hearts and minds of our nations founding fathers and millions who came here to chase and realize the American  Dream, was himself’ a tradesman’ who later went on to found and operate his own manufacturing company.  My dad also worked for him and developed a working knowledge of that industry which gave rise to his own success in becoming an excellent salesman and assuming management positions in that and other industries. My paternal grandmother who was also wonderful and loving was a BIG worker.  In the course of my dad’s life, he and his brother also owned and operated a small business

In looking back, this upbringing definitely taught me one thing: a strong work ethic. I later became a remodeling contractor and built houses on spec.  I was never afraid of working hard but, like many people in the early eighties, took a hard blow when the economy went south, not so different from today with massive job losses.  Except now we have seen a trend of tens of thousands of jobs being outsourced overseas. In times like these you have to develop a strong faith that things will be okay in the face of every adversity and economic trend.  Even in the best the times, the odds are sometimes stacked against you.  Well you get the picture!

More recently, after taking care of my aging parents for over twenty years, I am in a place where I am very excited about new online technologies and how we can harness the power of this technology to develop strategic geotargeted marketing plans to boost sales and revenues for local businesses and service providers.  I believe that I have found my true North and have control over my own ability to obtain ABUNDANCE and a deeper sense of peace both within and with the world around me. I have much to be grateful for, especially new friends and fellow entrepreneurs who share my passion for abundant life and want to share all of this with someone like you; so you and your family can have all that is available for the asking and the choosing. For as Jim Rhon, author, life coach and internationally renowned trainer for personal development, has often said: “Success Attracts Opportunity” and I believe that this is our time to choose success and choose to “live life to the fullest.”  We all deserve to live the life we desire!

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